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dude……………………… I love dogs


i have a headcanon that whenever firkle is sick or physically/mentally unwell he and pete play the marco polo game

like if he’s ok he’ll answer with ‘polo’ and if he’s not he’ll answer ‘try again’



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Exactly what I’ve been looking for

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I got to pet dogs today. I also got shoved into the back of a car.

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Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without Tim Burton

(From top to bottom: Beetlejuice, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Corpse Bride, Alice in Wonderland, Sleepy Hollow, Edward Scissorhands, Sweeny Todd, Dark Shadows, Frankenweenie)

Tim Burton ❤️








13. “I’ve got 6 months to live.”

Tweek blinked a bit “W-What you’re t-talking about Pete?..” He looked at him ” S-Six months?..w-why? your joking right?..” He was hoping it was just a bad joke he was pulling.

Honestly, Pete was scared. More scared than he had been in a long time. He had hidden in his bed, burying his face against his pillow. He wrapped his arms around himself tighter, tears rolling down his face as he shook his head. “I-, I’m not- I’m not joking, man..” He stuttered, cringing at his own voice.

Tweek felt a bomb a rock drop in his stomach as he swallowed hard walking over to him “H-Hey..” He patted his back “D-Did they tell you why?..th-there got to be a reason..m-maybe they can do something..a-anything..” 

Pete burrowed back down under his blankets, pushing his face against his pillow and scowling at the quake in his voice. He shook his head a little and hiccuped, squeezing his eyes shut. “Cancer, I-I guess?” Go figure.

Tweek blinked a bit “Y-You guess? you d-don’t know or they didn’t tell you? ” He didn’t know what to do as he pat his back lightly “W-We should go check, m-maybe they could do something…a-anything..”

"They said ca-cancer.." He mumbled and rubbed under his eye, silently wishing he hadn’t worn eyeliner that day. "I c- I can’t remember, exactly. What they s-said." He stumbled over his words but slowed down just slightly at Tweek’s touch, and he shrugged his shoulders slowly.


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15. Our muses go camping together and one is scared

Tweek and Pete wanted to go camping in the woods. He was scared and didn’t want to, he was ok till night fell. “U-Uhh…” He was hiding in the Tent they set up first as there was a fire already. He didn’t care, he was scared of the animals and monster that can sneak up on them “Y-You sure i-it’s safe..w-what happen if there’s a-a psycho is out there?..” He asked as he peeked his head out slightly 


Pete chuckled slightly before looking back at his own marshmallow, holding it a bit higher above the flames, attempting to get it a golden brown color.

Tweek smiled watching him as he ate his burn marshmallow not being scared anymore, he felt relaxed as he got a other marshmallow to make a s’more  

After a moment he pulled the marshmallow away from the flame and carefully pulled it off the stick, before cautiously plopping it into his mouth. He glanced over at him and chuckled slightly, shifting around on his spot.